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M9 Odor Eliminator

Hollister m9 Drop Deodorizer eliminates odors from your ostomy pouch. No longer do you need to live with smelling the terrible odors that come with emptying or changing your ostomy pouch.

  • These drops will work in both colostomy and ileostomy pouches to remove odor. This promotes a more pleasant environment, whether you're emptying your pouch or changing the system.
  • The active ingredient in this deodorizer is 2-phenoxyethanol which kills germs and protects against infection. The germs that this deodorizer kills are responsible for creating the odors. This means that m9 deodorizer drops does more than simply mask the odor, it stops the odor at the source.

For the best effect, put four to twelve drops in the pouch after a change or after you empty the bag. The one ounce bottle comes with an easy to use and control dropper style tip akin to eye drops while the eight ounce bottle has a flip-top.

  • Also, Hollister m9 drops are blue and are unscented.