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Mepilex® Transfer Ag is a thin and conformable, antimicrobial wound contact layer. The Safetac® technology layer ensures direct contact to the wound and the surrounding skin, including uneven surfaces. As the Safetac® technology layer seals around the wound, the foam structure of Mepilex® Transfer Ag allows exudate to move vertically into a secondary absorbent dressing. Mepilex® Transfer Ag maintains a moist wound environment in combination with an appropriate secondary dressing.
-Effectively manages exudate by transferring fluid into a secondary dressing.
-Provides a rapid and sustained antimicrobial effect.
-Uniquely conformable, thin foam construction.
-Transfers exudate away from the wound.
-Minimizes pain and trauma at dressing change.
-Effective, sustained release of silver provides rapid antimicrobial effect with 30 min. that is sustained for up to 14 days
-Promotes patient comfort during wear.
-Conforms well to body contours.
-May be cut to desired shapes.
-Effective under compression bandages.