Aspen Cervial Collar - Short
Aspen Cervial Collar - Short

Aspen Cervial Collar - Short

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  • Aspen®Cervical Collars minimize skinbreakdown while providing substantial motionrestriction.
  • The structural elements of the collarshave been designed to spread support acrossbroad contact surfaces there by eliminating“hot-spots” that can cause decubitus ulcers.Research has proven that this design enables thecollar to maintain skin contact pressureswell-below the capillary closing threshold.
  • The motion restriction provided by theAspen Collar has been scientifically evaluated.Utilizing videofluoroscopy, researchers havedocumented both the translation and angulationof each vertebral segment through the entirerange of motion.
  • Results show the Aspensystem to be unsurpassed in its ability tosafeguard the patient.