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  • Elastic stretch net designed to serve as a secondary dressing.

    • Exceptional feel, elasticity, and memory
    • Easy to customize, conforms to body contours, and sized to fit shape of intended area
    • Ideal for hard-to-bandage areas such as knees, elbows, shoulders, etc
    • Ideal for a variety of uses including securing burn or post-op dressings, hot or cold packs, IV tubes, incontinence pads, and decubitus ulcer dressings
    • Reusable on a single individual for an ideal alternative solution to tape
    • Allows for convenient inspection of the wound and stretches to re-dress without removing
    • Can be used to replace adhesive tape and wrap for holding both wet and dry dressings firmly in place
    • Applies gentle pressure to keep bandages and medical devices securely in place without adhesives