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Feeding Tube

The Covidien Kangaroo Polyurethane Radiopaque Feeding Tube is a tube for providing nutrition with enteral feeding pumps It should not be used for another purpose besides providing users with necessary medication, healthy nutrition or liquids to patients. The feeding tube is suitable for most users as it is latex free as well as DEHP free. With three different sizes and two different lengths, users will find the best fit for them and their feeding pump.

Kangaroo PVC Radiopaque Feeding Tubes are compatible with extension sets and syringes that are created with ENFit design, so you can be sure of a solid connection. In order to correctly place the tube, they come with radiopaque markings that are easily visible.

Product Features and Benefits

  • 5Fr 20"
  • Compatible with Extension Sets and Syringes by ENFit
  • Radiopaque Markings for Placement
  • ENFit- More Secure Connections
  • For Enteral Feeding Only
  • Latex and DEHP Free
  • Sterile